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7 THALASSES, Heraklion (Reviewed by: Andreas Antonopoulos from Greece)

.7 Thalasses, Heraklion

Was in Heraklion recently for business and took a small group to 7 Thalasses. Great restaurant with interesting and well prepared and presented foods and a good selection of reasonably priced wines. The atmosphere is casual but a lot of thought went into the design- not your usual "fish tavern" for sure. I definitely recommend it.

ALANA, Rethymno (Reviewed by: Kalliope Bakirdzi from )


Alana Restaurant, Rethymno

It was about 7:30 pm when we arrived to Alana on a fine October day after spending a whole day walking around the city and the Fortezza. There was a Greek man standing out front herding us in and I don’t think Alana needs to do this. (This is something very touristy places do in the old harbour!). The restaurant is lovely with tables spread out in a lush garden on different levels. This gives a nice feeling of privacy. The ruccola-lettuce salad with honey and nuts was superb, but I tend to be biased towards ruccola. The presentation of the salad on a phyllo bed is fun and definitely pleasing to the eye. The shrimp saganaki with feta and tomato was really fresh and well-balanced. If not for cholesterol, I would eat it every day. The beef filets with thyme honey and mashed potato is not the best in terms of presentation, but when you taste it, everything falls into place. The meat was tender and tasty, though not rare enough for me, but I think in the land of over-grilled meats, my piece with a bit of pink on the inside was a small step for the Chef and a big step for Greek cuisine. The sauce was a delight. As it could be expected, the baby lamb with artichokes was excellent - juicy and tender. Portions were all hearty, so there was no space for dessert—next time! Service was attentive and good, and even though the waiters were not Greek, they spoke the local language well. Alana is definitely worth trying…. But you will have to wait till next April, as they closed not long after we were there.

Kalliope Bakirdzi, Budapest, Hungary



AVLI, Rethymno (Reviewed by: Arpad Abonyi from )


Avli Restaurant, Rethymno

On our recent trip to Crete, we had the good fortune to visit an outstanding restaurant in Rethymno, called AVLI . We arrived there for lunch, and sat in beatiful garden with a lots of exotic plants and flowers, which provided a great atmosphere for delicious meal we were about to have. The culinary experience under the Cretean sky was a reminder to me why I loved Greek food, ever since I was a university student back in Canada. Crete has some very interesting specialties, such as the stuffed tomato appetizers we ate, with bulgur, fresh herbs and yoghurt dressing (very refreshing on a hot hot day), Among the delicacies, we had zucchini flowers filled with local fresh cheese called anthotyro and traditional smoked pork with grilled mushrooms. I cannot forget to mention two memorable courses---Mountain Goat with honey and thyme and Lamb with wild mountain greens in lemon sauce. But none of this great food would have been complete without the great refreshing salads. If you are on Crete, and you want to have a meal to remember, then going to Alvi, It is a must experience. I cannot finish without mentioning the wide choice of wines which the restaurant offers--including very substantive local wines, that will surprise you to no end.

Arpad Abonyi, Kaunas,Lithuania

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