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1.5-1.8 kg lamb shoulder and/or leg
6 spring onions
3 onions
1 cup Cretan virgin olive oil
1/2 kg Stamnagathi
2 bunches of dill
1 head of Romaine lettuce
whole peppercorns, sea salt
For the Avgolemono Sauce:
3 eggs
4 lemons

Cooking process:
Remove bones from the lamb. Wash the meat and drain off the water and dry with cloth towel. Salt to taste with coarse sea salt. Coarsely chop all the onions. Place oil and onions in bottom of large, heavy pot and put the meat on top. Cover and on high heat cook 8 minutes. If required, add a little water along the way. After the 8 minutes, stir slightly with a wooden spoon only. Reduce heat to medium and continue cooking. If lamb is very young, will only take 20-25 minutes in total. If older, 40-50 minutes. Halfway through the cooking, add the washed stamnagathi, dill and lettuce and 1 tsp. whole peppercorns.
For the sauce, separate the yolks and whites. Beat the whites until firm in a stainless steel bowl. Add the yolks, then 1/2 the lemon. Add 2 soup spoons of cooking liquid very slowly to egg-lemon mixture (to avoid curdling) and rest of lemon. Pour into the lamb, stirring with 2 wooden spoons from top to bottom. Add s&p to taste.

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