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Fishy Business

Fish is generally sold by the weight in most good fish restaurants, but just because you are on an island surrounded by the sea, don’t expect the fish to be either plentiful or cheap anymore. Absolute top-end as far as price goes is Astakos (lobster). Most fresh fish is either grilled and served simply with olive oil and lemon, or fried. Shrimp, octopus and mussels are cooked in many different ways, including the popular saganaki version baked with tomato and cheese.
Best of the Bunch
Red Sea Bream, prized for its delicate white flesh is generally grilled and served whole. One of the best and most expensive.
A large silver-scaled fish with tasty white flesh, generally grilled.
Small red mullet, available almost everywhere pan-fried or grilled. The smaller the tastier, but watch for the many bones.
Sea Bass often baked in olive oil, red wine and vinegar with rosemary and served whole.
Gilthead Sea Bream is also a white fish, less delicate than Fangri but with less bones.
Sardines, often found wrapped in in vine leaves to seal in their moisture, then grilled.
Common anchovy, which can be found pickled like their northern brother the Herring, or shallow-fried. If you can find it grilled, it is a delight.

Tiny whitebait are often served as Meze,  dipped in flour and shallow-fried.



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