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New Book by Nikki Rose. Crete: The Roots of the Mediterranean Diet, enjoying the benefits of one of the world’s healthiest cuisines wherever you live.
Nikki Rose, a Greek American Professional Chef-Instructor and Writer, has been hosting teachers, students, researchers and journalists in Crete for over 14 years through her project Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries (CCS). Her focus celebrates, and helps protect Crete’s cultural and culinary heritage. The concepts of the frequently studied and highly regarded Mediterranean Diet originated in Crete. Chef Rose, with her CCS initiatives, demonstrates that Cretan cuisine is not just a diet, but is a way of life that has much to offer our on-going pursuit of healthy and sustainable approaches to eating. In this concise book, Rose shares practical strategies for applying the celebrated concepts of Cretan cuisine, wherever you live. The book includes recipes with gorgeous photos of culinary treasures amid the magnificent landscape of the isle of Crete.

Rose has received numerous awards from National Geographic, the United Nations and many other organizations for her success in creating sustainable travel/community-based tourism and culinary projects that bring focus to the expanding inquiry into sustainability. Proceeds from this book benefit ongoing CCS initiatives.  Information and chapter preview:


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