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Reviewed by: Dr. Marianna Szongoth (Hungary)

2009-05-21 12:10:06


Food   FoodFoodFoodFoodFood 4.00
Service   ServiceServiceServiceServiceService 4.00
Ambience   AmbienceAmbienceAmbienceAmbienceAmbience 4.00
Value   ValueValueValueValueValue 4.00
Wine List   Wine ListWine ListWine ListWine ListWine List 3.00
We have been to Crete many times and we never knew that you could have such interesting foods in taverns. So many menu items were new to us and they were very good. In fact, everything we tried was really excellent. There is a pork tenderloin with a sun-dried tomato and honey sauce that is amazing, as well as chicken bites with a saffron sauce. We would definitely come back here again.

Reviewed by: Kiki.D. (USA/Greece)

2008-11-10 08:17:54


.We discovered Don Rosario's three years ago in our attempt to locate a truly good restaurant. It was a small reference on a website and as with everything "fantastic", we thought this would be another expensive and mediocre place serving to new rich who want to be seen spending money in the in places. How wrong were we!
The service is "trying" but not what you have been accustomed in European/Asian or Americans establishements (water or wine brought but not poured, no attempt to ask if customer wishes more wine or even water) though it is obvious that an attempt to train the service is there, like when they advise the customer that the Tuna is sheared and not fully cooked (as it should) and they will cook it to death if they wish so! The food at this Italian Restaurant is better than any restaurant in Italy! True gourmet food, expensive but worth every Euro they charge! Reservations a must or you will experience the owner's clear distaste in your lack of proper manners

Reviewed by: Yo (Greece)

2008-09-09 03:28:03

AVLI, Rethymno


Set in a magnificent 1530's Venetian villa with an impressive, romantic multi-tiered courtyard, Avli may well be one of the finest restaurants on the indeed a very eclectic interior and exterior table settings. The medieval atmosphere of Crete is pouring out in the dining areas.The cuisine is a refined form of Cretan quisine, with many interesting courses. The salads are as they should be an maybe a pinch better. The wine is quiet fulfilling for all pallets. A very nice atmosphere and place dine, in the romantic setting of Rethymno.

Reviewed by: Yo (Greece)

2008-09-09 03:18:34


.This is a refined philosophy of the best that the Cretan land offers. Elia and diosmos has managed to refine into higher culinary standards the Cretan cuisine and Cretan goods without being monotonous and boring, but on the contrary intriguing and makes you want to return. Service and wine lists are contributing to the nice traditional excellence projected in the restaurant. All of the salads and suggested courses are very well prepared and taste-full! Do not forget the deserts..Congatulations to the Chef Argiro!

Reviewed by: arnstein eide (norway)

2008-07-07 11:27:49



this is a must when you want a good meal. exellent food and wine

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