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Recently added places

BLE KATSAROLAKIA, Lassithi      
Address: Koundourou Iosif 8, Tel: 28410 21955
Features: Outdoor Dining, Seaside Dining, Non-Smoking, Credit Cards accepted, Take Away

PAGLIACCIO, Rethymno      
Address: Sofokli Venizelou 64, Tel: 28310 55255
Features: Outdoor Dining, Seaside Dining, Credit Cards accepted, Delivery, Take Away, WiFi

KYMATA SUSHI BAR, Heraklion      
Address: Androgeo 7, Tel: 2810 226 215
Features: Non-Smoking, Take Away

AMALIA'S KITCHEN, Heraklion      
Address: Arkoleontos 3, Tel: 2816 007 600
Features: Outdoor Dining, Credit Cards accepted

MAMA'S DINNER, Chania      
Address: Kaliviani, Tel: 28220 23204
Features: Outdoor Dining, Non-Smoking, Parking, Children play area

EPI XANDAKOS, Heraklion      
Address: Handakos 43, Tel: 2810 228 258
Features: Outdoor Dining, Non-Smoking, Take Away, WiFi

LEMONOKIPOS, Rethymno      
Address: Ethnikis Antistaseos 100, Tel: 28310 57087
Features: Outdoor Dining, Non-Smoking, Credit Cards accepted

Address: 1 K. Paleologou, Tel: 28410 25968
Features: Live Music, Outdoor Dining, Non-Smoking, Delivery, Take Away

DIPOLO, Heraklion       - 5.00
Address: 18 Gramvousis & Monis Odigitrias, Tel: 2810 282 818
Features: Outdoor Dining, Non-Smoking, Grocery store

PETIT FLEUR, Rethymno      
Address: El. Venizelou 36, Tel: 28313 06868
Features: Outdoor Dining, Seaside Dining, Non-Smoking, Credit Cards accepted

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